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Easy, homemade salsa

This is the easiest and healthiest appetizer you can make.  All of the ingredients are veggies and you don’t even have to turn on the oven or stove.  Check out what you’ll need below and follow the simple steps—Ole’!

This amount yields 2 mason jars full of salsa, which I find is a great way to store it!

2 large beefsteak tomatoes

2 cups cherry tomatoes

Half a white onion

1 cup of scallions

1 medium jalapeno

Dash of salt and pepper

If you have any sort of food processor or dicer you can use that to make this recipe, but it’s not necessary to get a good finished product.  If you have processor, first chop everything in small enough chunks to fit into it.  


Grind for a few seconds.  Check out the consistency, if it looks how you want, stop and strain the salsa.  If it doesn’t, continue to blend until it looks good to you.  The key is to make sure you strain it.  

If you aren’t using a processor chop everything extremely fine, combine in a large bowl and blend until it has the consistency you want.  It’s really THAT easy!

Add more or less jalapeno to achieve the desired spice level.  I find making it the night before I need it gives the flavors time to blend together very nicely.


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